Prevention Services

Wildlife Prevention

Critter Control of Colorado Springs is your full-service wildlife control company. We not only remove your problem wildlife, we also implement methods to keep the wildlife out for seasons to come!

Due to the variation of intelligence levels and habits, each prevention method must be created uniquely. Improper prevention techniques can cause much more harm than good. Critter Control of Colorado uses species-specific methods to ensure each wildlife control problem is solved effectively and safely.

Habitat Modification

One approach to prevention that Critter Control of Colorado Springs uses is habitat modification. Modifying your yard and property to not allow animals food access, water access, and shelter access, is crucial! Keeping pet food inside and bird feeders away from your home or at a good height will limit a food supply for critters. Limiting birdbaths or emptying the water at night will remove a source of water for the animal. Shelter options, including brush piles, should be kept far away from your home. Limiting habitat attractions for wildlife animals is crucial in the prevention step of wildlife control.


Placing a barrier between the inside of your home and the outdoors wildlife animals is an exclusion approach to prevention. This is the best approach to a long-term solution of wildlife control. We will screen vents, install chimney caps, close entry holes, and more!

Common Exclusion Points:

  • Chimney – Adding chimney caps and screening can prevent animals from falling in or nesting
  • Plumbing Vents – Animals seeking shelter can become stuck in plumbing pipes
  • Roof & Fascia Spaces – Poorly sealed points between roof & fascia invite animal entry
  • Roof Vents – Lightweight, flimsy vents should be replaced with heavy secure roof vents
  • Oven & Bathroom Exhaust Vents – Adding screening to vents helps keep animals out
  • Roof/Soffit Intersection – Securing gaps will help prevent animal chewing and entry
  • Holes in Siding – Repairing & reinforcing holes will discourage animal infestation
  • Porch & Deck – Durable screening around base prevents nesting animals
  • Trees & Landscaping – Removal of overhanging tree limbs and encroaching vegetation

Critter Control of Colorado Springs is your full-service wildlife control company. Call us today to get rid of your problem wildlife for good!


If you are outside of the Colorado Springs service area, call 1-800-CRITTER or visit our Office Finder to find a Critter Control office near you. We have the professional wildlife management solutions you need!