Strange Noises in the Attic?

Critter Control of Colorado Springs deals with plenty of wild animals that local residents see in their homes or on their property. But some of our customers don't ever see their unwanted houseguests. Instead, they'll hear noises in the night or see droppings, tunnels or other signs of animal infestation.

Do you hear scratching in the walls or attic? Perhaps you hear something scurrying or running on the floor above you or in crawl spaces. Sometimes our customers have even neard chewing noises within their walls. Squirrels, mice, bats, raccoons and other common Colorado nuisance wildlife can be quite noisy in your home, especially in large numbers.

The trained technicians at Critter Control of Colorado Springs will inspect your home and find the source of the noises. We'll safely and humanely remove problem wildlife and take steps to make.

no domestic animal calls pleaseNO DOMESTIC ANIMAL CALLS PLEASE

Critter Control of Colorado Springs does not handle, trap, or remove domestic animals such as dogs and cats. Please contact your local animal shelter or humane society if you have problems with domestic animals.


Critter Control of Colorado Springs Service Area

Boone, Brookside, Calhan, Canon City, Cascade, Castle Rock, Coal Creek, Colorado Springs, Cripple Creek, Elbert, Florence, Fountain, Franktown, Green Mountain Falls, Larkspur, Manitou Springs, Monument, Palmer Lake, Parker, Peyton, Pueblo, Ramah, Rockvale, Rush, Rye, Victor, Williamsburg, Woodland Park, Yoder
We also cover the following counties: Teller, El Paso, Pueblo, Fremont

This franchise is independently licensed and operated by Shoemaker, Inc., dba Critter Control of Colorado Springs