Raccoons in the attic, garage, or strange noises in your chimney? Raccoons living under your home? Those scurrying sounds in the attic, crawlspace and noises in a chimney may well be a raccoon. Call your local Critter Control office today at 800 CRITTER for effective raccoon removal and exclusion services.

Identifying a Raccoon Problem

Appearance and Habitat

Raccoons range considerably in weight. Depending on habitat, they can weight 7-30 pounds. Raccoons are very easily identified by their unique coloration. Black encircles their eyes and extends across their cheeks, similar in appearance to classic burglar masks. Raccoons can reach 3 feet in length and generally have gray fur with hints of brown. Their tails are also unique and display alternating rings of white and black.

Raccoons can be found nesting in forests, marshes, and prairies. These animals have learned to solely survive on human garbage and so can be found near residential areas as well.

Raccoon Damage

Raccoons are very strong animals that can tear through any material to get where they desire to be. If you have a raccoon living in the attic or basement, chances are the damages are significant. Air ducts can be ruined and shingles may be ripped off the roof, causing water damage and a decrease in energy efficiency. Raccoons are omnivores and will eat most anything, including vegetation found in gardens and on farmland causing damage outside as well.


Raccoons are known carriers of disease. If you have a raccoon in your home they may contaminate your home with excrement and urine. Raccoons have been known to occasionally attack livestock and common house pets, putting them at risk of harm and potentially transmitting diseases.


Raccoons near your home will create a great mess. They will infamously target unsecured garbage receptacles and leave behind an unsanitary mess for you to deal with. Since their hands are structured in a way that allows them to grasp objects, raccoons have been known to open doors, gain access to secured goods, and open trash cans.

Raccoon Control

Trapping & Removal

Critter Control of Colorado Springs specialists are expert raccoon trappers. We use the most advanced technologies and tools to get rid of the raccoon in your home. Critter Control of Colorado Springs will utilize their extensive knowledge and expertise to trap and remove the raccoon near your home.

Damage Repairs and Prevention

There are many methods of prevention that Critter Control of Colorado Springs can assist in implementing to keep raccoons out of the yard and out of the attic. Securing trash bins and limiting food supplies outside is a great first step. Critter Control of Colorado will repair raccoon damages and prevent future raccoon problems for seasons to come.

For full-service raccoon control, call Critter Control of Colorado Springs. (719) 247-1183

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